Competitive Intelligence and SME

Until now, only large companies could have access to Competitive Intelligence solutions. With VigiFox, everyone will be able to afford it.
Dedicated to small business leaders, Vigifox helps you
- anticipate your market.
- know your concurrents’ evolutions : offers, prices, recruitment, new staff members, technological innovations, patents, etc.
- prepare and enhance your export or import strategy : international intelligence.
- hear about national or local contracts calls as soon as they go online.
- master your legal and fiscal environment.
- stay in touch with the local and region wide news.
All this in real time and for a small fee.
Vigifox is the team partner of your company for your commercial and estimate approaches.
VigiFox solution enables you to :
- Regroup in a single interface all websites that may give you accurate informations for your daily business.
- Organize your competitive intelligence agenda into themes and files in order to quickly and easily find valuables informations.
- Automate your information watching process on latest updates and create automatic alerts.
VigiFox lightens your daily information searches.
Study case :
You lead a small company and wish to be aware of contracts calls in the public transportation sector of East Sussex.
Without VigiFox : don’t forget to read on a daily basis specific websites to have the latest updates about contracts calls, then take some time to sort all publications in order to focus on the accurate ones.
With VigiFox : You receive an alert for every accurate information upon your business and local sector. You will follow only high valuable sources and you won’t waste time with insignificant and redundant informations.

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