Ereputation management for real estate firms


In a sluggish real estate market, online real estate offers a real ray of sunshine. All digital media combined, almost a third of the 46 million Internet users in France have connected to a site dedicated to real estate during the month of March 2015, according to a survey published on June 11, 2015 by Médiamétrie. France is on the podium of countries where the audience is the strongest behind Australia.

A well-managed reputation is important. Before making a decision, the user searches for information on blogs, forums, social networks ... "The preparation and construction of a real estate project is now completely on the Internet," says Roland Tripard, President of

What actions to boost your e-reputation?

Various tips can help you heal your e-reputation.

E-real estate reputation: use customer testimonials wisely

Immodvisor, Top Agencies ... Sites that allow users to give their opinion are more numerous in the field of real estate.

Do not miss this opportunity to heal your e-reputation.

How to do ? For example, on Tripadvisor, you can "interact". Do not let dead letters public comments and meet the expectations expressed!

To turn negative opinions into something positive, try to understand the problem and suggest possible solutions to fix it. Do not hesitate to make a public post your comment to make known your solution to users.

A tool such as Immodvisor can enhance your image and "increase [your] visibility, and develop [your] turnover," explained Jean-Pierre Emeriau, the founder of the site.

E-reputation real estate: make Twitter a friend

Rich with 2.3 million active users in France in 2015, Twitter is still misunderstood by a large number of players in the real estate sector because this social network may have hard work to address.

Different steps can be put in place to develop an effective presence on the microblogging site. First, follow the influencers in your field, but also the organizations and associations that concern you locally. Tip to find influencers in your field: type the hashtag #real estate in the Twitter search engine then go to "accounts", to see the influential profiles.

Another point, learn to customize your biography on Twitter. For example, Century 21's employee ambassadors personalize their biography on Twitter with their referral agency and contact information. Their profiles may be accompanied by a company logo. A simple but professional reflex of the customer relationship.

Once your account is created, relay sectoral information, ie information on the market, legal news ...

These actions can give you a serious image and also get you ahead of the competition.

They can also bring you credibility and influence, especially at the local level. A user who is enthusiastic about your shares will be able to consult your site more easily and will be able to become a lead, for example by subscribing to your newsletter.

E-reputation real estate: mobile: invest to benefit from its growing potential

In managing your e-reputation, do not forget to incorporate the mobile. This support has not finished offering you customers and visibility.

Indeed, according to the survey published on June 11, 2015 by Médiamétrie, 4.1 million mobile users visited real estate sites in March 2015.

You can adopt a site in "mobile first", to provide an ideal user experience for the user. Otherwise, the use of responsive design on your site can also allow you to adapt to all media used by users. A way to allow him to fully benefit from innovations in the real estate sector, such as virtual tours with a real estate agent.

An optimized and attractive mobile site, presenting seductive visuals becomes unavoidable. Almost as complete as a traditional computer-navigable site, they can include search fields, images or videos in high definition. MGM French Properties's mobile site is a good example for its ergonomics and the quality of its content. This company which offers property for sale in the French Alps has understood the interest of mobile sites and is constantly receiving visits and requests thanks to the latter.

You can also offer a mobile app to users. This will allow them, thanks to geolocation, to locate the desired property in relation to health, educational or cultural infrastructures.

E-real estate reputation: (re) position yourself with .immo

You can also simplify and clearly expose your business expertise through the purchase of a .immo domain name.

Accessible since last December, .immo has mainly been adopted by small local agencies or independent real estate agents. In June 2015, "only 10,000 domain names in .immo" were sold, said Sophie Gironi, director of communications at the registrar and host Gandi.

For an agency creation, or to own all the domain names that relate to your brand, reserving a .immo domain name can be a good idea. Count around 25 euros a year for this.

Conclusion: Manage your e-reputation to accompany the user

Having a good e-reputation will allow you to be a privileged partner for the user, which requires a need for expertise and very important support.

The impressive figures of the audience of the real estate sites and the arrival of the mobile in force on your sector make all the more obligatory a relevant digital strategy.

To be fully effective, these tips must be integrated into the various steps that can manage your e-reputation: diagnosis of your presence on the Internet and your positioning, recognition of your influencers, appropriate response to bad buzz or creation of a Eve.